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Anti-bullying posters on Clever Message

In support of Anti-Bullying Week

Bullying has always been a problem in schools, and with the emergence of social media platforms the problem has only become worse.  Previously children could generally escape the bully’s at home – but with most children on Snapchat, Instagram and messaging platforms, nowadays there are no safe-spaces.

Research by the department of education found that 40% of young people were bullied in the last 12 months, with a shocking 6% of pupils experiencing bullying every day.  The most common form of bullying is name calling at 26% (this can be in person, via text and email), followed by exclusion from social groups at 18%.

Bullying isn’t just an unpleasant experience, it can affect children for the rest of their lives. Emotionally, people that suffer bullying at school can lack confidence in adult life. It can also have a negative impact on their education - 21% of children who have experienced bullying daily have truanted in the last 12 months - 3 times the proportion of those who were not bullied.  

Clevertouch on anti-bullying
Clevertouch is a leading technology provider to primary schools, and many of the front of class touchscreen displays that children are using on a daily basis will be a Clevertouch.  The Clevertouch team, many of whom work in schools alongside the teachers, wanted to see how, in some small way, they could use the technology to deliver anti-bullying messages directly into the classroom.
The Anti-Bullying-Alliance (ABA) is a coalition of organisations and individuals that are united against bullying. It provides advice and CPD training programmes for schools focused on specific aspects of bullying behaviour.  As part of the All Together programme, ABA has created 10 key principles preventing and responding to bullying. 

  1. Listen - all pupils and parents and carers are listened to and influence strategies and approaches to prevent, report and respond to incidents of bullying.
  2. Includes us all - all pupils, including those with SEN/Disability, are included, valued and participate fully in all aspects of school life.
  3. 3Respect - all school staff are role models to others within the school in how they treat others.
  4. Challenges - all forms of discriminatory language – including disablist language – is challenged taken seriously
  5. Celebrates difference – difference is actively and visibly celebrated and welcome across the whole school.
  6. Understands - all school staff, pupils and parents and carers understand what bullying is and what it isn't.
  7. Believes - all pupils, including disabled children and those with SEN, and their parents and carers are acknowledged, believed and taken seriously when reporting incidents of bullying.
  8. Reports bullying - all pupils within the school and their parents and carers understand how to report incidents of bullying.
  9. Takes action - we respond quickly to all incidents of bullying. Pupils, including disabled pupils and those with SEN, participate fully in decisions made about them and help to formulate appropriate action to respond to incidents of bullying.
  10. Has clear policies - our school's anti-bullying policy reflects these principles and is embedded within other school policies. They are widely and actively promoted to school staff, pupils and their parents and carers.

The Clevertouch team felt they could actively support and aid several of these principles by directly communicating messages into the classroom to pupils via the Clever Message system.   

Every Plus Series touchscreen from Clevertouch comes with Clever Message.  This is a digital signage solution that is centrally controlled from the office to send notifications and alerts to all or individual Clevertouch screens across the school.  It has been developed to display non-urgent information, such as school events, general reminders, pupil birthdays, date and time etc when standing idle.  It can also be used to push urgent announcements and alerts to the front of the screen during a teaching session, such as fire alarms, nearest emergency exit and meeting points.

With this in mind, the Clevertouch team has developed a series of templated posters that can be used by schools to post dynamic anti-bullying messages directly into the classroom.  These can be generic messages, designed to appear when the screen is idle. But Clever Message can also be used to post messages in the wake of a specific incident - instantly sending notifications to all screens asking pupils to be extra vigilant or reminding them of the school’s anti-bullying rules.

To get pupils engaged and participating in the schools anti-bullying activity, children can create their own ‘STOP BULLYING’ posters, which can be scanned and uploaded into a Clever Message template and scheduled to rotate across every Clevertouch screen in the school.  A bit like having your work displayed on a wall.

The new templates will be displayed on the Clevertouch screens at BETT 2019, and available on all screens from February 2019.