Clevertouch MDM – 1.75 RU Points

To complete this course the Clevertouch Display needs to be enrolled onto the MDM platform with the following apps installed, Lynx Whiteboard and Cleverstore.

NEW LYNX Whiteboard – Cloud-Based Learning Made Easy – 2.5 RU Points

Welcome to the LYNX Whiteboard course Before getting started you may find the following videos useful: Course Note: To upload video files for the practical tasks, you can use The LYNX Recorder (shown on the right). You can access this recorder from the Lynx Launcher – the recording can be saved in an MP4 format.

UX Pro Gen 2 In Depth – Interactive Flat Panel Display – 2.5 RU Points

UX Pro is the interactive panel designed for enterprise. When used effectively, it can make your business more productive and meetings more proactive. This course looks at collaboration, file sharing, and meeting tools and applications. Aimed at both trade and end users, this course will be best suited to IT technicians, installers, trainers and those having frequent meetings. 

This is a one-day AVIXA registered course and offers 2.5 RU points.

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Working with Lynx 6 – Annotation & Lesson Planning – 2.5 RU Points

Aimed at teachers, this course will help you to deliver dynamic, engaging lessons to your students. For users switching from Smartboards, this course will show you how to import and convert Smart Notebook files, and PowerPoint files. These video-based activities will include changing backgrounds, insertion tables, images and video, maths tools, shapes and more.

This is a one-day AVIXA registered course and offers 2.5 RU points

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