Lesson 1 – Exercise 1: Checking if your Firmware is up to date

Step 1: Select one of the side arrows on the Clevertouch Screen

Step 2: Select Apps from the Clevertouch home screen

Step 3: Select ClevertouchLive

Tip: This may be called CleverMessage, if so please update the firmware to install ClevertouchLive.

If you already have ClevertouchLive you can check if it is up to date by doing the following on your Clevertouch devices:

  • Double-tap or double-click the ClevertouchLive icon
  • Connect a keyboard and mouse if the screen is not touch, click on the top-left of the screen, bottom-right of the screen and repeat (If using a touch screen simply tap in the above areas)
  • Select Settings

Step 4: Select ‘Check for new software updates’

Note: Before proceeding onto the next exercise, please mark this one complete (pink button), to ensure smooth progression into the next lesson.