Lesson 2 – Exercise 2: How to connect your Clevertouch Screen to your ClevertouchLive Account

Step 1: Select the ClevertouchLive icon

Then Select the Pink Button Labelled ‘Click here to get your code’

Note: Click on the cog below to see the current ClevertouchLive version and upgrade if required

Step 3: Make a note of the 8 digit pin code. Please do not close this screen!

Step 4: Log in to your ClevertouchLive account and select the ‘Screens’ tab

Step 5: Select the Plus icon

Step 6: Insert your 8 digit pin code

You will now see that your Clevertouch screen is connected to your ClevertouchLive account!

Note: Before proceeding onto the next exercise, please mark this one complete (pink button), to ensure smooth progression into the next lesson.