Lesson 4 – Exercise 1: Connect your Pico MK5 Player to your ClevertouchLive Account

Step 1: Using an HDMI cable connect the HDMI port on the player to the display

Step 2: Turn on the display and the player

Step 3: Connect a keyboard and mouse to the Pico MK 5 player

Step 4: Your display should now look like the below – Select the green ‘Click here to Get Connected’ button

Step 5: When connected to the network, the setup wizard will start the diagnostics and generate an 8-digit pin-code so you can connect your device to your ClevertouchLive account

Step 6: Add the pin code to the ClevertouchLive account, under the Screens Tab. (As described in Lesson 2 exercise 1)

Note: Before proceeding onto the next exercise, please mark this one complete (pink button), to ensure smooth progression into the next lesson.