Lesson 6 – Exercise 1: Network requirements & Troubleshooting

ClevertouchLive (an update of SedaoLive) is a single platform in which you to manage your fleet of Clevertouch devices –screens and signage players. As a brief overview screens can work together as well as individually, you can control which messaging you want displayed where and more.

You can access ClevertouchLive via www.clevertouchlive.com
This was previously www.sedaolive.com
(if you are still using sedaolive we highly recommend you upgrade to have all the latest features and functionality, which is explained in detail on our ClevertouchLive course).

If you are using a normal home or business broadband connection to the internet, then your player should connect with no problems.

If you have local security policies that restrict internet use from within your network, such as using a firewall, then the firewall must be configured to allow free communications on ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). Please contact your IT department for further details

If you need to whitelist our servers their details are: –  www.clevertouchlive.com  |   live.clevertouchlive.com – www.sedaolive.com   | live.sedaolive.com

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