Lesson 11 – Schedule & trigger command

Schedule and trigger command enables you to trigger any type of command from within the device dashboard. Select your trigger and edit accordingly or Add New, Select Add when done

Note: When you name the trigger, the name appears in the commands menu

Creating a new Schedule & Trigger command

  1. Select repositories from the menu on the left-hand side

2.     Select Schedule & Trigger

3. Select add New to add a new event or select the pen icon to edit an existing schedule

4. Give the trigger a name and description, select the flag icon

5. Select the trigger type from the drop-down menu

  1. Select the timing type and add all other details, add 30 seconds to the time to live, press confirm when finished.

Note: This example uses the timing type Once, other options are available, forever or from /to date, if these are used fill out the form as required