Lesson 6 – Policies and Kiosk

Policies will apply on the device launcher, enabling you to block apps, allow/block websites with the  secured browser and the Chrome browser (device dependant) including search within the selected apps list, activate a policy with a time, geofencing or network trigger and add settings.  Select the pen icon to edit Policy, this method is also used to edit many things within MDM, select confirm when editing is complete or if you have created a new policy by selecting Add New

Creating a new Policy

  1. Select Add New or select the pen icon to edit an existing policy.

2. Give the policy a name and description, select the padlock icon

3. Turn on the block list icon, locate all available browsers, select the plus icon to move across to the ”blocked area”. Press confirm when done.

Tip: Use the search feature to locate the browsers and check the remove duplicate box

Sending the policy to a screen(s)

  1. Select the policy to send to the screen, select Apply.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode enables you to create a lockdown environment, allow apps and decide which one is to serve as a launcher app, allow/block websites with the secure browser and chrome browser (device specific).

Creating a new Kiosk

  1. Select Add New to create a new Kiosk or select the pen icon to edit an existing kiosk

2. Give the Kiosk a name and a description, select the allow icon

3. Locate the files in the left-hand pane that are to be allowed, select the + key to move the files over to the allow section

4. Select the Web icon

5. Select allow list from the blocking type drop-down menu, enter the URL for the website you wish to allow press + to add the URL, select confirm when done

Sending the kiosk to a screen(s)

  1. Select the kiosk to send to the screen, select Apply

Uploading a Kiosk wallpaper

  1. Select the wallpaper icon

2.     Select set kiosk wallpaper, download file, press confirm

Note: If you add a setting to a policy, it will take over existing settings, at any point while the policy/kiosk is in place you can add on top of its additional settings by going to the settings repository, create new settings or choose existing settings and apply them

To undo a policy or kiosk, click the none policy/kiosk in the repository, this will bring the device back to its original state.